Medium Size Christmas Trees Starting From Only $500

We’re saving Christmas with the Perfect Christmas Tree at the Perfect Price!

For two years, we have helped thousands of families in Hong Kong start Christmas off the right way by assisting them in finding the perfect Christmas Tree at the perfect price. This year we are back with the same premium real Christmas trees, incredible prices, door to door service and an eco-friendly Christmas tree collection service.


Our Why!

If you are one of the many HK residents who cringe at the prices of Christmas trees on offer here, then welcome to the club! To decorate a fabulous fir Christmas tree for the festive season is a great tradition, but nobody knows why it has to come with these price tags. Last year Christmas Tree retailers took advantage of customers by raising their prices; in some cases, Christmas trees were selling for over $5000!!!


So We...

So we looked into that, and it turns out that you can actually offer a beautiful Nordmann fir tree for a reasonable price! We teamed up with a Christmas Tree Centre in Northern Germany to bring the Original Christmas Tree back to Hong Kong, The Classic Premium Nordmann firs.

Not a fan of the standard green plastic stands? We sourced excellent looking tree stands! Need some twinkle with that tree? One style warm Christmas Tree Lights.

 Thanks for stopping by!

 Chris, Stephan and HP!


'One-stop solution! Tree, stand, lights done, and all you have to do now is the fun part, decorate that tree and use the freed-up Xmas budget for something else.
What a better way to prepare for the festive season!